How to Write A Capstone Project| How to write a Coursework

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How to Write Coursework | How to write a Capstone Project

How to Write a Capstone Project

What is a capstone project?

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A capstone project is an independent research, where students choose a question or a problem to resolve, engage in a two-semester debate based on their disciplines through guidance by a professor or a mentor and then produce a refined paper that shows a deep understanding of the initial topic chosen by the students. 

It is a requirement for the middle, high school, and university students at the end of their studies where they are required to write a summary of their experience. It can be assigned to students undertaking most academic programs. Instructors expect learners to explain some of the skills and competencies that they have gained during their studies. A capstone project can be written in the following forms:

•   Case studies.

•   Focus groups.

•   Research papers.

Different teachers are likely to give different instructions for capstone projects, which will determine the work's complexity. The assignment must have a topic that is related to the course. Some of the necessary skills to complete a capstone project include public speaking and excellent analytical skills.

Essential Tips for Writing a Capstone Project

•   Citation style.

Always ensure that you have checked the instructions by different instructors. The style used must be consistent throughout the capstone project.

•   Scheduling.

It would help if you had a plan for completing the different sections of your work. Take adequate time to ensure that you develop quality content for the capstone project. Some of the essential tasks that you should include in your schedule are researching and writing.

•   Proofread the work.

You may make grammatical and syntax errors when writing the assignment. Always dedicate time to identify and eliminate all mistakes before submitting your project.

Steps of Writing a Capstone Project

a.   Develop an appropriate title.

It should be one of the tasks that you should carry out before starting the writing process. Take related notes and write all the main points that you need to include in your capstone project during different classes.

b.   Create a proposal for your work.

It should be written and submitted to the instructor for approval before you focus on writing your capstone project. In most cases, the proposal has a minimum of 200 words. The proposal should contain information such as your preferred topic and why you want to write about it, objectives for the work, and the scope of information available about the subject matter.

c.   Gather relevant information.

The task helps boost your credibility as it involves identifying information sources that help you write quality content for your capstone project. For example, you should use books about the subject.

d.   Develop a structure.

Several formats can be used to write a capstone project. A good structure helps individuals to have a logical flow of information in their work. The following is the general format for a capstone project:

•   A title page.

•   An introduction.

•   A literature review.

•   Methodology.

•   Findings and discussion.

•   Research conclusions and recommendations.

•   References.

e.   Make a schedule.

A capstone project comprises of numerous pages. Therefore, it is advisable to plan how you will complete different sections of the assignment. Develop a calendar and deadlines for different tasks.

f.   Writing

Develop a strong thesis at this point and narrow it down to make your readers understand your work. Provide detailed information for the sections outlined above.

g.   Proofreading

Spend some time to look at your first draft and eliminate any errors that you may have made. Ensure that there is a logical flow of information in your capstone project. Get rid of any irrelevant content. You can ask a friend who is knowledgeable in the field to proofreading your content.

h.   Prepare for the defence

In most cases, you will be required to defend your project before your institution's project committee. Take time to prepare for the presentation as it will be crucial during the evaluation of your work.

How to Write Coursework

A coursework refers to a written or practical assignment for students during their studies. It can be in the following forms:

•   Thesis.

•   Dissertation.

•   Project.

•   Paper.

Coursework will affect the grades that a student will get at the end of their degree program. Instructors in an institution assign and evaluates coursework assignments. Students are required to follow specific guidelines and practices when doing their work. Different coursework assignments have a common purpose: to assess a learner’s understanding of a particular subject or concept. The work can be done during the class session or as homework.

Common Mistakes when Students are writing their Assignments

•   Plagiarizing their work. It occurs when you fail to cite all the sources of information used in your coursework assignments and presenting the ideas as your own. It is a serious academic offence that can even lead to expulsion from an institution. Students are allowed to use different materials to gather information, but their content must be original. Instructors use different software to detect plagiarism in an assignment. Most educational institutions also prohibit buying a coursework.

•   Failure to use the recommended word count. Some students do not take time to check the instructions, including the number of words that should be used in an assignment. The word count does not include footnotes, references, and appendices.

•   Selecting the wrong topics. In some cases, the tutors require learners to pick their preferred titles for coursework assignments, and some of them end up choosing ones that are irrelevant to their program.

Insights for Selecting an Appropriate Topic for Coursework

1.   It is always advisable to consider your interests when choosing a topic for your work.

2.   Brainstorm several ideas that you may have and select the best for your assignment.

3.   Understand your research field and narrow it down to come up with the most appropriate topic.

4.   Consult your instructors as they are knowledgeable about different areas in your program.

5.   Always ensure that you have selected a specific topic for your coursework assignment.

6.   Select a topic from the ones that have been proposed by your instructors.

7.   Choosing one within your speciality makes your work more comfortable as you know the area.

8.   The topic should have up to date information available in different sources of information.

9.   Your topic can also be further research for ideas by other researchers in the field of study.

Steps for Writing Coursework Assignments

i.   Planning

Take time to think about your topic and determine your objectives. At this stage, you should consider the duration for the assignment and materials needed to do the work.

ii.   Research.

It is a crucial step when writing coursework as it involves gathering relevant information that you can use to write your assignment.

iii.   Developing an outline.

It involves taking note of all the main points to be used in your paper. Most coursework assignments have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

iv.   Writing.

The task becomes easy when you have an outline. It involves providing detailed information about the main points.

v.   Proofreading.

You can use software or seek help from friends to identify and eliminate any errors in your coursework assignments.


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