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Case Study: Jess Westerly at KaufLauf GmbH Custom Essay

August 19, 2018 0 Comment

CASE: Jess Westerly at KaufLauf GmbH

This written case analysis provides you with an opportunity to apply concepts learned up to this point in the course, serving as a course midterm.

1. How effective has Westerly been in taking charge and establishing herself as assistant product owner at Kauflauf? Explain.
2. What made her first attempt to change sales calls patterns fail?
3. In what way does her proposal make sense? Why or why not?
4. Assume you are assigned to lead this change. Describe how you would enact the eight stages of Kotter’s eight-step model to change the call patterns?
For each stage describe:
a. What would you do and why?
b. How would you do it and why?
c. Who would you involve and why?
5. What would you do to overcome resistance?
Professionalism –This paper should be written at academic level and free of typographical and grammatical errors. Use headings and subheadings and literature to support your discussion. Use APA style to cite these references ad include a reference page. Points are deducted for spelling and grammatical errors.

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