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Five mistakes you should avoid while writing a nursing essay

August 17, 2018 0 Comment

writing a nursing essay

nursing essay

Nothing frustrates a nursing student more than writing an nursing essay and getting a low mark on it only to realize that what cost him/her the marks are some minor mistakes made while writing an essay. This essay seeks to inform you of the common mistakes that nursing students make while writing essays so that you can avoid them.

Mixing arguments in your essay

Nursing essays are meant to give you a platform to showcase your understanding of a particular concept in nursing. Therefore, when you are given a topic or a question to write an essay on, ensure you stick to it. Students have the tendency of mixing ideas in an essay. You can avoid it by knowing the argument you want to make before starting your essay. In this way, you can be able to structure your essay in a way that builds up to your overall conclusion. For your conclusion to be solid, you must prove that you understand the particular concept well to the extent of making an independent assessment.

Using outdated sources

Nursing field mainly deals with diseases which are mutating every day. If you, therefore, use an outdated source, you will end up discussing outdated nursing practices and clinical evidence. You must ensure that you use sources that contain current knowledge and that relate to the current day practical applications.

Introducing your nursing essay using the phrase “my essay/in this essay”

The use of the phrase “in this/my essay” is an elementary way of introducing your essay. You should come up with an innovative way of introducing your article which captures the main idea of the piece, includes the thesis statement and reveals the argument of your essay. In this way, the introduction will effectively guide the reader through the rest of the piece.

Using negative language in a nursing essay

In this context, negative language means using phrases with negation or words with negative suffixes. It doesn’t mean a vulgar word. For instance, while the actual meaning of the word inexpensive is not negative, it misleads the reader into focusing on the expensive bit of the product rather the how cheap it is. Therefore, while writing your work, use the positive words instead of negative ones and where there are no positive words, use synonymous expressions. For example, use pleasant/comfortable instead of painless, or economical for inexpensive.

Proofreading using spell checkers

Spell checkers are good automatic proofreading software. However, they will in most cases miss a number of errors which the human eye cannot. You should therefore always take your time and proof your article. The best practice is to take a break after you have finished writing the easy and then come back after some time when you change the font and style of your easy and then proofread it. You may also ask someone else to read through your piece with a keen eye on spelling and grammatical errors.

Reading through these errors is easy but implementing them can be quite a challenge especially if you are not experienced in writing nursing essays. At Acemywriter, we have a team of experienced nursing essay writers who are keen not to make any of these mistakes and we can help you out with your nursing essay. Please contact us for more

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