Things to Consider When Writing a Nursing Essay

Nursing essay

While nursing is a practical course, you will need to prove your understanding of the nursing concepts, showcase original thinking and demonstrate academic flair. For this reason, you will have to write nursing essays and it is therefore important for you to understand what you should take care of when writing a nursing essay.

1.The question/Topic

Addressing the question set and not the question a student wants to answer is a major problem with students when writing nursing essays. It is natural to want to mold the question into what you would prefer to write about but you should avoid the temptation and ensure that you understand what the question or the essay requires you to talk about. To ensure that you stick to the topic, it is important that you do an essay plan which will help you define exactly what you want to say and how you will structure it.

2.The accuracy of the information

The arguments that you bring forth in an essay should be accurate and at the same time demonstrate originality. Once you have outlined your argument, you should do in-depth research to confirm that your argument is accurate and also make your essay stand out. In this case, originality doesn’t mean coming up with an entirely near argument, it means taking on a new approach to address an area that has already been addressed making your essay go beyond the obvious and standout from the essays of other students. To enhance the accuracy and reliability of your essay, make sure you quote academic works that back up your argument

3.The structure of your essay

The purpose of an essay is to prove that your argument is valid. A good essay should, therefore, present information impartially meaning that it will consider multiple points of view and include all possible sides of the story. Doing so indicates that you have thought about the evidence to the argument comprehensively. An excellent essay should, therefore, provide a coherent discussion of all the sides of the story, develop balanced arguments from the discussion and finally give a conclusion that weighs your intelligent opinion against the evidence provided. You should ensure you present one idea at a time with the reader’s logic in mind so that you attend to it.


Plagiarism is a criminal offense, however, it can be avoided by simply citing all the works you have used in your essay. While developing the accuracy and reliability of your argument, you end up borrowing work done by other people. To avoid the impression that you are taking credit for someone else effort, just include citations and add a reference section to your paper whether you have been asked to do so or not.

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